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Boars Head Carol

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Boars Head Carol
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Boars Head Carol

The boar’s head in hand bring
Bedeck'd with bays and rosemary.
I pray you, my masters, be merry
Quot estis in convivio
Caput apri defero
Reddens laudes Domino
The boar's head, as I understand,
Is the rarest dish in all this land,
Which thus bedeck'd with a gay garland
Let us servire cantico
Caput apri defero
Reddens laudes Domino
Our steward hath provided this
In honor of the King of Bliss;
Which, on this day to be served is
In Reginensi atrio
Caput apri defero
Reddens laudes Domino

In perhaps the ultimate tribute to
the Boar's Head, William Henry Husk
reproduced all seven Boar's Head Carols
of which he had knowledge. The general
introduction is reproduced immediately
below, and thereupon links to each of
these treasures, each with its own notes,
together with other versions from other

a garland of carols is
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all rights reserved